Talking about LED lamp development from the user's point of view

2018-09-26 14:29:52

Nowadays, many LED lighting R&D engineers are college students who graduated soon. College students are flexible in thinking, accepting new technologies, and knowing foreign languages (perhaps relying on translation software) to learn about new design trends abroad, but perhaps life experience is not enough. Insufficient understanding of user needs has resulted in a lack of user experience in the design of LED lights, and a lack of user experience.

At an LED lighting exhibition, I met an LED manufacturer in Shenzhen, a young man who claimed that the quality of his products was very good, so the price was not low. I found that their LED panel light exhibits a very large gap in the aluminum frame interface, so he went to him. Proposed, the answer turned out to be due to the looseness during the transportation process.

I didn't say much at the time, but the answer was hard to convince.

The quality of a LED manufacturer's product is not only the detection index, but also the appearance. Your appearance can not be dazzling, but you can't have big flaws. Once the appearance is big, how do you make people believe that your quality control system is reliable? Especially this is the exhibiting product, why not solve these problems in advance.

From the design of LED panel lights, the main installation method is that the ceiling is suspended, and the ceiling is only suitable for rooms with ceilings. This is mainly in writing rooms, hotels, kitchens, etc., and the scope of suspension is more applicable. narrow.

For the wider family, it is often difficult to use, because the ceiling is still popular many years ago, and now the home decoration is rarely used ceiling, others will not change the overall decoration style because of your lights.

Lenovo's Iphone 5 ceiling lamp explosion on Taobao, you can know that the user is very interested in the surface of the lighting, but how do you make this LED panel light on the ceiling, and do not say that you have a Set the drive power, which will make the decoration design a headache.

Now the LED lights on Taobao for two or three dollars are not too hot, indicating that although the price is very important, but it can not be used to fight the world, the gorgeous millet phone makes a lot of money. As long as you meet the user's needs, the user will not Unfortunately, although LED lights and mobile phones are not the same, the truth is the same. Like a LED mining lamp, it costs more than ten kilograms, so it is suspended in the air, not only installation trouble, but also a safety hazard, coupled with the glare of the light, those community gymnasiums are also sighed.

Although the current climax of LED lights has not come because of price quality and other reasons, but this is a matter of time, but if the design of LED lights makes users unhappy, even if the climax comes, there is nothing for you, you can only watch it next to it. Only.

As for what is the user's needs? In the future, light efficiency will be only the second most important. I think LED lighting design should focus more on intelligent art. As for the specific plan, no one tells you, and it is too late for others to keep it secret.

LED lighting products are really a headache when designing, for example, the landlord said that the mining lamp has a dozen kilograms, so I have to do so heavy for the heat, just for the sake of beauty, I get some other materials to dissipate heat, the weight is reduced. The life expectancy is short. Instead of spending time and energy to continuously replace and replace the LED lamp with only the appearance and no connotation, it is better to spend more than 10 kilograms of the mining lamp, and the design can satisfy the customer. Aesthetic.

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