Industrial design strategy for LED luminaires

2018-09-26 14:32:53

In the new wave of industrial revolution, LED lamps as a solid-state lighting product to replace the existing gas lighting products is the trend, and the replacement process is in full swing, but in general, this replacement process is just beginning, use A hundred years of incandescent lamps are still widely used. It takes time for LED lamps to be widely used, and there are still many unfavorable factors, such as heat dissipation, light effects and other technical problems, cost and price issues, user habits, and so on.

LED lighting manufacturers must of course strive to solve the above problems, but also pay attention to another important issue, which is the industrial design factor of LED lamps, LED lamps have realized the innovation of light sources, but how to achieve materials, structures, appearance lamps In terms of supporting innovations, the luminaires best reflect the effect of the light source, and it is easier for the majority of users to accept, which is a topic worthy of attention.

In the core technology, due to well-known reasons, the general lighting manufacturers have limited space to play, it is difficult to achieve the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, but in the industrial design, due to the diversification of market demand, the majority of enterprises can fully demonstrate their magic, making lamps more material-saving materials It is more environmentally friendly and more usable, thus accelerating the popularization and application of LED lamps, making our living and working environment increasingly low carbon and beautiful.

First, relying on industrial design to enhance the added value of products is the world consensus

Since the founding of the International Federation of Industrial Design Associations in 1957, researchers have organized two definitions for industrial design. The revised industrial design, announced at the eleventh annual meeting held in 1980, is defined as: “In terms of mass-produced products, materials, structures, and structures are given by training, technical knowledge, experience, and visual perception. , form, color, surface finishing and decoration with new quality and qualifications, this is called industrial design. According to the specific circumstances at the time, industrial designers should work on all or some of the above aspects of industrial products, and, when needed When industrial designers pay their own technical knowledge and experience as well as visual evaluation capabilities for packaging, promotion, display, market development and other issues, they also belong to the category of industrial design."

The authoritative interpretation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is that industrial design is based on industrial products, using scientific and technological achievements and engineering, aesthetics, psychology, economics and other knowledge to carry out the function, structure, shape and packaging of products. Integrate optimized innovation activities.

The core of industrial design is product design, which is widely used in light industry, textile, machinery, electronic information and other industries. The industrial design industry is an important part of the productive service industry, and its development level is one of the important signs of industrial competitiveness. Vigorously developing industrial design is an important means to enrich product varieties and increase product added value; it is an effective way to create independent brands and enhance industrial competitiveness; it is an objective requirement for transforming economic development mode and expanding consumer demand. After a large number of case studies, Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Association and Beijing Technology Innovation and Productivity Promotion Center pointed out: “In high-tech industries, technology is the first competition, and industrial design of products is the second competition. After the technology, it is followed by fierce competition with design and brand with deep market color.

In the era of rapid technological development, the time interval between two competitions is getting shorter and shorter. Many international large enterprises develop technology and industrial design in parallel under the long-term strategy of the market. When the products are launched, they are already in the application form and products. Appearance has become a mature product in the market. China's high-tech should learn and master this system as soon as possible, and truly face the international challenges with high-tech design. ”

The practical benefits of industrial design for businesses are well documented. The now-famous American Apple Inc. and South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. are outstanding representatives who are proud of their industry design and lead the trend. In the 1990s, Apple was almost on the verge of bankruptcy. It was an ingenious iMac that made Apple more brilliant. The iPod music player developed later gave out the strong sound of Apple's industrial design. Later, the iPhone made Apple's industrial design level and brand value. It has reached the peak stage of the present, so that other digital products and even non-digital products such as lamps have followed the style of industrial design.

Samsung Electronics is the world's largest TV and mobile phone brand. Industrial design is one of its magic weapons. Samsung's industrial design strategy is well known. "Samsung is a model that uses design to enhance brand value and expand market share." Illinois, USA An expert from the College of Design said.

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